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Benefits link

The scheme rules are simple. You place a link on your website that directs a web-user to our website. If, after such redirection, he or she books accommodation in our system, you receive 3% of the value of every such booking.

When will I get the payment?

The commissions are paid after exceeding 50 PLN of commission from booking.

Do I get a commission for every booking?

The booking has to be complete. It means that the customer not only has to book accommodation in a facility but also he or she has to make full payment for it. In case of cancellation of the stay the commission will not be paid.

Who can take part in the scheme?

Everyone who has a website, be it an individual or a company, can take part in the scheme. However, parties publishing violence, pornography or any illegal content are barred from the scheme.

Does joining the scheme include any charges or liabilities?

The participation is totally free. You can only gain!

I am an owner of more than one websites. Can I submit all of them to the scheme?

There is no limit on the number of sites where the links to our websites are placed.

Can I use the program and make my own booking?

Yes, of course – in such case you will pay less for a stay in a facility chosen by you!

  With whom should I contact in case of further queries?

In case of any queries or doubts please contact us

The participation in the scheme means the acceptance of the rules of the agreement. Detailed information concerning the scheme can be found there. Please, read it before participating in the Benefits Link.

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